Frequently Asked Questions

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About Wagyu
What is Wagyu?
What’s the difference between Australian Wagyu and Korean Hanwoo?
Aren’t Wagyu Japanese? How can there be Australian Wagyu?
Full-Blood, F1, PureBred…I’m confused!
When can you call cattle ‘Wagyu’?
What is marbling?
Is more marbling better?
What is the difference between grass and grain-fed cattle?
About Darling Downs
Where does Darling Downs come from?
What’s special about Australian beef?
What’s different about Darling Downs Wagyu?
How are our Wagyu cattle raised?
What are our cattle fed?
What is Mitchell grass and why is it so special?
What does backgrounding mean?
What is Darling Downs’ approach to animal welfare?
Is it halal?
What is Kobe beef?
What is Tajima beef?
Is Darling Downs Wagyu available near me?
In case of any issues, please feel free to contact us.